Monday, 5 August 2013

The 10 Hottest Information Technology Skills for 2013 recently released an article entitled "10 Hot IT Skills for 2013," which surveyed 334 IT executives.
If you're considering Information Technology for your online degree, see if some of these 10 hot IT skills match up with your strengths. If you're enrolled or have graduated with a degree in IT, remember to accentuate these skills when you compose resumes and cover letters. We will also include in the list below the most relevant online degrees for each of the 10 hottest IT skills:

1. Programming and Application Development

The report said during the recession a few years ago, organizations fell behind on projects. Currently, they're playing catch-up by adding staff members - most likely contributing to the more favorable employment picture (7.8% national unemployment in September 2012, compared to 10% in October 2009).

2. Project Management

With IT projects growing more and more complex in the modern era of advanced technology, the demand for project managers is becoming very strong.

3. Help Desk/Technical Support

As organizations pursue new initiatives and build new systems, existing customers may have to familiarize themselves with new technology. When that happens, organizations will hire more technical support staff to properly acclimate customers to the new service.

4. Security

Cybersecurity is becoming a problem, as we've noted on the GU blog in the past. Cybersecurity professionals are tasked with preventing cyberattacks (politically motivated computer hacking, often with the target being military operations, banking systems or power grids). The demand for specialized security professionals is growing as data becomes more and more complex.

5. Business Intelligence/Analytics

The report noted the best business intelligence candidates (professionals who analyze big data) have technical know-how, business knowledge, and strong statistical and mathematical backgrounds.


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