Monday, 5 August 2013

Software to run when your antivirus solution fails

Running up to date antivirus software on your system is one of the best protections against threats that you encounter locally or on the Internet. While it is highly recommended, it does not offer 100% protection regardless of which programs you are using to protect your computer and its data.
New threats appear on a daily basis and your computer may be vulnerable to them until your antivirus software gets updated to detect and remove these new threats. While heuristics may detect unknown threats, it does not have a 100% detection rate either.
What this means is that your computer may get infected by malware even if you are running antivirus software on it.
If you suspect that something is not right, or know that you are infected but cannot get rid of the infection, you may need to run specialized tools that help you in this regard.
The following lists links to programs that you can run in this case.

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