Friday, 16 August 2013

Securekeeper Spyware Removal - How to Get Rid of This Malicious Program Now

SecureKeeper, also known as Secure Keeper, is one of many rogue antispyware programs that is promoted by the use of Trojan viruses, which is still one of the most dangerous computer threats that exists. These Trojan viruses pretend to be video or flash updates that are necessary, but they will install SecureKeeper instead. These viruses then configure SecureKeeper to start automatically and wreak havoc on any computer that it is installed on. Like other rogue spyware removal programs, the 'cleaner' will run thoroughly and then tell you that you have a laundry list of viruses, spyware threats, and other malicious threats. However, it will go on to inform you that you need to purchase the program in order to remove the threats that are present on your computer.
Here are a few things to remember when it comes to dealing with programs like SecureKeeper. 

  • If you already have antivirus and antispyware software installed and in use (from Norton, Computer Associates, WebRoot, or other companies), then you should be well taken care of. This rogue program and others like it are just out to scam you into buying something that you don't need. Click on the 'X' in the upper right corner to close scam pages, or use the Windows Task Manager to close them. Then, run your own antispyware and antivirus software removal tools. It is important that you have both antispyware and antivirus software installed on your computer for complete protection.
  • Windows comes with a firewall, a malicious software removal tool, and other security features. Make sure that they are enabled to work and updated and you will not have as many problems with rogue programs like SecureKeeper.
  • If you are not sure about any screens that pop up on your computer, do not click on them. That is the worst thing that you can do. Instead, ignore these popups and run a security scan to determine if your computer has been compromised.
  • Manual removal of SecureKeeper is very detailed and needs to be done right in order to completely remove the spyware. Be especially careful when modifying and deleting Windows registry entries.
To remove SecureKeeper, you can install a legitimate antispyware program that will detect and delete all associated malicious files. Update the threat database of the antispyware program before running a scan. This automatic removal process is recommended over the manual process of removing SecureKeeper. If you have proper antivirus and antispyware protection in place, you can lower or eliminate your chance of having to deal with future spyware infections.

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