Monday, 12 August 2013

China Chopper Trojan Tricks Antivirus Engines

A tiny Web shell is easily sneaking past antivirus engines to infect Web servers and, despite its small footprint, researchers at FireEye say it gives attackers a wealth of tools to remotely gain access to systems or set up a more robust attack platform.

Called China Chopper, the remote access Trojan was first identified by malware experts in November and is believed to have been used by financially motivated cybercriminals and targeted attacks as part of cyberespionage activities. The tiny Trojan is only 4 KB, enabling it to slip past antivirus software, according to a team of researchers at Milpitas, Calif.-based security vendor FireEye, which released an analysis of the threat Wednesday. The researchers said the Trojan is compact, flexible and stealthy.


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