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The Higher-Lower Game - Spiritual Bypassing in Relationships

The Fear of Intimacy
One of the most challenging areas of life for many of us is the whole realm of personal relationship. Intimacy can bring up both our greatest hopes, and our greatest fears. The hope is that we can surrender our defenses and really let another "in-to-me-see." The fear, though, is that if we truly let someone see us, they will see something they don't like, judge us and leave us!
Most of the conflict in relationship is caused by this very fear of intimacy. As Carl Jung said, "whatever we resist, persists." If we have not dealt with our own core wounds around intimacy: feeling unlovable or un-wanted, fear of being vulnerable, or unresolved issues around trust, then we will tend to project these dis-owned feelings onto our partner.
Our Partner is a Direct Mirror of our Inner States
Projection, whether positive or negative, occurs all the time in relationships. The challenge is to see that our partner is a direct mirror of our inner states.

The Top 5 Risky Exercise Routines

If you think all exercise routines are good for the building of your body and making you lose ten pounds, think again. There are a number of exercises you shouldn't do. You know why? It's very simple, because it's not good for you. If it does not do something good, it simply follows that you are going to receive worse results. And we mean painful results.
So with no further explanations, here are the five exercises that you should never do. And if you are doing some of them, better stop it or you will lose something big and it's not just pounds we're talking about, it may cause a huge risk in your life. Here they are:
First in the list is the "Behind-the-Head" Lat Pull downs. It's a common exercise that you see in which trainees are pulling the bar behind their heads when doing the lat pull down. Many still perform this today and this is a bad idea. This is because people who are qualified to do this are only those that have flexible shoulder joints. But even these persons also have to be careful not to hit the back of their heads with the bar. Plus, a lot of busy persons especially those who work on desks have bad postures. This is a clear indication of poor flexibility of shoulders.

Flash Memory, Part I: MMC and SD

Flash memory is available in so many formats that it can be difficult to know what will work with any particular device. Devices such as MP3 players, PDAs, mobile phones, digital cameras, and personal computers can take advantage of flash memory to bolster their storage capacity, but selecting the right format may be easier said than done.
To try to address all of the common formats in one Tech Tip might be quite a read, so we're doing a two part series on Flash Memory. Part I of the Flash memory series will focus on two similar, very popular and generally interchangeable formats: MMC and SD.
The Basics
Before getting into the details, some background on each card may be appropriate. The letters 'MMC' stand for MultiMedia Card, which is a format that was developed jointly by SanDisk and Siemens in 1997. The letters 'SD' stand for Secure Digital, and this format is an improvement on the original MMC design, and was developed jointly by SanDisk, Matsushita Electronics (better known as Panasonic) and Toshiba.

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From Pain To Power: The Apathetic Activist Deals With A World Gone Mad

When I look back at it now, I'm almost overwhelmed at the thought that so many of my generation, as children, must have faced the same grief as I, and through it, somehow managed to find the will to live. As a child of the sixties I made very adult choices that helped me to find a personal philosophy that would guide me throughout my life. Each of us had to in our own way, and Bravo to us!
My personal path was to follow the directive of Alfred E. Neuman, the gap-toothed, floppy-eared, freckle-faced cover boy for Mad Magazine who exclaimed, "What, Me Worry?!" I figured if my life could be whooshed away in the blink of any eye, I might as well enjoy it while I had it. Let everything else take care of itself.
Mass movements--which formed so much of the social environment that affected me--had a sheepish mindlessness and lack of personal connection that was confounding. Protest against the status quo -- which had once been a mass movement in itself against the previous order -- involved throwing waves and waves of largely nameless bodies against a foe, weakening it until a final ripple toppled it over.

The History Behind Grandparents' Day

The first Sunday after Labor Day used to be just an average, ordinary day. Thanks to Marian McQuade of West Virginia, all that changed in 1978 when the first national Grandparents' Day was celebrated. This one day a year has been set aside in America, and now Canada, to celebrate the important and lasting contributions senior citizens have on younger generations.
While Grandparents' Day has been on the calendar for quite some time, its original tale dates back even further. The story of Grandparents' Day, in fact, began long before the first national observance was held. McQuade, a coal miner's wife, began her quest to obtain national recognition for the contributions of senior citizens in 1970. She began her mission by gaining attention for the idea through church, civic and business groups. Before too long, she garnered the attention of Senator Jennings Randolph. By 1973, she had captured the imagination of West Virginia Governor Arch Moore, who declared a Grandparents' Day in his state.

Create a Lean and Visible Workflow Across Your Business For Efficient Working Practices

First, I am going to give you the view from Novelis and tell you how we are doing things. I am going to introduce myself. So my mother always says you should never take the jacket off until you've introduced yourself. She also says make sure you got a coat hanger, so there we go. OK, so Novelis is part of the Birla Group. Has anybody ever heard of the Birla Group? It's not so blank-there's a few-Collins has heard of them. I thought, you might have.

Yeah, like I said, June 2007, Novelis was bought by the Birla Group of companies, which immediately increased their end-to-end leverages across a number of markets, cement, aluminum, carbon black, copper, retailing, cell phones-India's biggest cell phone provider, I think, as the numbers go: 13 countries, big market capitalization, more than 100,000 employees, and 20 countries over the globe. So, not a small organization, and one with which bringing Novelis's purely aluminum industry focused business into Birla was very interesting.

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Why Americans Worry

I am going to make an assumption. Americans of all types, sizes, ethnic origins, and beliefs are worried. In fact I think they are very worried. The question is what are they worrying about?
The Economy.
Sure, the economy is a headline that is starting to move to a position of above the fold in the American mindset. By the time this is published, oil may well have hit $100 a barrel and that means gas prices are going to find a new home in the well above $3.00 range. Americans don't believe the oil company rationale for such increases. This pogo pricing stratagem--where prices take a big jump and then settle back at a higher price prior to the jump that will now seem "cheap" to the consumer-- is eating away at the family budget more than any single item. Americans watch as other counties develop new reserves while Congress refuses to pursue and support drilling in known productive US areas. Congress has also turned a blind eye on a Manhattan Project approach to drill for new sources; reduction of grades to improve delivery to the consumer; and construction of new refining facilities.

Chairs, Posture and the Alexander Technique

As a teacher of the Alexander Technique(1), I am frequently asked about chairs by my students, and about which designs are best. Some have been given very expensive, ergonomically-designed chairs at work and wonder if they are actually any better than ordinary ones. Others complain about their car seats, or about the curved plastic chairs often found in waiting rooms and in many airport lounges.
t is certainly true that some chairs are a lot more comfortable than others, and that some chairs make it easier to have a healthier upright posture. But even if you could find the "perfect chair", you could hardly carry it around with you all day long. Sooner or later, you would be confronted with a choice between standing or sitting in a less than desirable chair.

From an Alexander Technique perspective, looking for the "perfect chair" is an exercise in futility. It is our body that sits in a chair, and if we want to improve our comfort and health, our primary attention must be directed at improving our own functioning - that is, what we do with our own body when we sit.

Psoriasis Free for Life Download - Stop

The woman behind Psoriasis Free for Life is Katy Wilson, like me she suffered from psoriasis. The one thing that I can relate with her about is the embarrassment we both felt. In her book she discusses the holistic approach that she found that literally made her psoriasis free. One key element to curing this disease, she explains, is giving your own body's immune system the power to be able to fight off psoriasis. In the eBook she put together she discusses all types of healthy non-threatening ways to combat psoriasis.
In Katy Wilson's book I learned that the root cause of psoriasis is an auto immune dysfunction and my actual psoriasis is just a byproduct of that. The key factor that I learned was how to boost my own immune system to get my breakouts under control and help me live a psoriasis free life.

High Beat Quality Samsung SPH-D700 Epic 4G Accessories

Samsung has always been a great competitor in the smart phone technology era. With its great designs and elegant style with awesome tempting features this hot brand of smart phone has proved to be in one of the leading smart phone developers. There are many Samsung fans all across the globe and for whom Samsung mobiles really mean something that adds style to their personality. On August 31st Samsung launched its greatest ever smart phone class known as Galaxy S and Samsung Epic-4G available for $249.99 after $150 instant rebate and $100 mail-in rebate, is one of the smart phones of S class.
The phone has a QWERTY arrangement keyboard that slides out from the side and the brightest and clearest display ever. Detailed specifications of the phone are as follows:
  • Samsung 1 GHz Cortex A8 Hummingbird processor
  • 4 inch Super AMOLED capacitive display
  • 3G/4G wireless capability with WiFi hotspot support for 5 devices
  • Google Android 2.1 (Samsung said 2.2 will be coming in the future)

Can The Pogo Stick Really Be A Fun Form Of Exercise

One of the biggest problems facing our society today is that of obesity. More and more people are not only just overweight but excessively overweight to such a degree that it is not only shortening their life expectancy but introducing a whole host of health issues including heart problems, diabetes and more.
The big question is how can this issue be tackled. Many government agencies are trying their best to help with legislation but many parents see this as unhelpful interference more suited to a despotic regime. Parents are being told what they can and cannot put in their childrens school lunches and food manufacturers are finding more and more rules being forced on them as to what they can and cannot include in their food.
The key is to find a form of exercise that is good for the children and that they find fun. A pogo stick for kids is a great form of exercise that many of them really enjoy.

How the Use of a Mirror May Increase Sales Training Effectiveness

The goal to increase sales faces many obstacles. Salespersons must overcome everything from the "Status Quo" to being able to clearly articulate the value they bring along with their products or series.
I recently read a story (author unknown) about how a sales department was invited to attend the wake of a fellow employee who had kept the team from reaching its quotas. Everyone was invited to the cafeteria right before lunch for this somber event. As the morning progressed, there was a building of anticipation to see who this individual actually was.
Finally, it was time and the selling force walked single file by the casket and was actually shocked when they looked inside and found their reflections looking back at them from a mirror placed inside the casket. For the employee keeping the sales force from his or her goal was that employee.

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Remove Internet Antivirus 2011

What is Internet Antivirus 2011?
Internet Antivirus 2011 is a rogue application which belongs to same family as Smart Security and My Security Shield malware. This rogue anti-spyware program gets installed automatically when user visits the malicious site or perform malicious free scan online. This fake security program makes believe the computer user that his/her system is infected with Trojan, malware or viruses and need to remove them. It is a big scam and wants to make money by selling fake security program over the internet.
Disadvantage of Internet Antivirus 2011
This rogue program doesn't provide security to PC and makes security breaches inside the PC security system. The main disadvantage of this fake program is it always display a popup message which tells that PC is running under threat or malware found etc.

Do I Need a VPN If I Have a Good Antivirus/Firewall Solution

Ultimate Security - VPNs and Firewalls
There are several misconceptions regarding Internet security currently circulating throughout the digital world. VPNs, or virtual private networks, are an encryption tool that is created by allowing a network of computers to access the Internet through an encrypted and secure channel. All information shared on the network remains out of the public eye and away from Internet security risks. However, many believe that if you are using a VPN, antivirus software or firewalls are not necessary. This cannot be further from the truth! VPNs can help you in a lot of ways, but to truly protect yourself against Internet security breaches, it is important that you understand each element in use and how it can help. To assist, we have outlined each of the key components below:

Choosing the Best Antivirus Software

Have you ever wondered where all those computer viruses come from? As mysterious as it seems, computer viruses can cause a great deal of damage to the computer user when infected. Therefore, one has to choose the best antivirus software to protect one's computer from being infected. This is because once infected, the user will lose personal data to others and this could be the cause of identity theft.
So how does one choose the best antivirus software? Basically, you must first find out how frequently is virus definitions updated. Virus definitions are defined (pardon the pun) as the basis of the antivirus solution in determining whether one's computer has been infected or not

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Do You Need a Firewall If You Have Installed Antivirus Software

Firewalls and antivirus software can be installed independently although they come often together in the same software package. A number of years ago, most anti virus tools do not include the firewall as a standard option but nowadays the firewall and the anti virus protection goes hand-in-hand. Most of us would not imagine having just a anti virus software without a firewall, however they are users whom are asking why they must still install the firewall even though they already have an antivirus software which regularly scans for any suspicious process running on their system. Their common concern is the increase of system resources being used and also the inconveniences that the firewall can create whenever they are installing new software that assesses the Internet.

Significance of Antivirus Programs

Antivirus programs are considered as significant aspect for anyone running down their computer. It can help you on administering your computer safely, efficiently, effectively and with high personal computer speed. So you might potentially wonder on how antivirus programs protect your computer from any kind of destruction. Well generally speaking, you need to acquire antivirus programs that encompass expert reviews. This will serve as evidence that the program you are installing is safe and well protected.
Actually, there are plenty of guides to download such computer security antivirus programs. Learn and take time to study all of them. You just have to make sure that it is well-matched with the current operating system running on your personal computer. Make sure they also offer you with Microsoft certification of legitimacy. This will enhance your security against this existing wave of computer predicaments such as virus, worm, Trojan horse, spyware and malware causing threats.

Free Spyware Anti Virus Software Download from Google

At the beginning of 2006 Google announced a new product called the "Google Pack." The Google Pack is essentially a selection of over 10 free software packages including free anti spyware & anti virus software. At the center of Google Pack there is an installer which simplifies the task of managing and keeping all the software updated.
To start with Google offered 2 good anti virus and anti spyware software programs. The anti virus software was Symantec's Norton Anti Virus 2005 - not the latest version of the product but a more than competent ant virus solution. The major limitation with this product was that only 6 months of free virus definitions were provided after that point the user needed to upgrade.
The anti spyware software was provided by Lavasoft. The product was called "Ad-Aware SE" which was already freely available for free on popular download sites like CNet's Download.com. The spyware detection capabilities were good but by no means the best. You also needed to manually remember to update the spyware definitions and initiate scans.

How to Remove Antivirus Live - Uninstall Antivirus Live Easily With Removal Instructions

What is Antivirus Live? It's frighteningly powerful at the moment. This fake antivirus software makes it nearly impossible to run your computer normally. It blocks your programs from operating, and it starts itself automatically every time Windows starts. This virus is infected through a Trojan, meaning tracing its entrance is difficult to do. A unique and annoying aspect of Antivirus Live is the way it affects your proxy settings and makes it nearly impossible to run Internet Explorer. Antivirus Live will try to rob you of your money for what it claims to be "fully activated" software. It's bogus. You have to remove this virus quickly before any irreperable harm is done.
The tell-tale signs of a fake antivirus infection are normally pop-ups, computer slowdown, and fake scans that start every time you boot your computer. Antivirus Live is no different. When it is running you will get all of the pop-ups, security alerts, warnings, and taskbar messages. You will receive official looking Windows warnings that will oddly suggest that you install Antivirus Live in particular. Normal Windows software will never recommend a particular program like this fake version does. This fake antivirus software will do whatever it can to scare you into shelving out your money. Don't fall for it!
How Do I Uninstall Antivirus Live?
To remove this software you won't be able to simply 'Add/Remove' it. Deleting the program files won't be enough, either. This rogue software embeds itself into your system, into your registry, and disrupts your proxy settings. You can consider trying to remove it yourself, also known as manual removal, if you consider yourself an IT pro or a bigtime techie. The reason is that editing your registry is no laughing matter, as one mistake can conclude in large fees at a technician's shop or a computer that won't start up anymore. If you're a pro, you'll have to delete all related DLL and LNK files in your LOCAL_HKEY_USER

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/3407009

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Do I Need a VPN If I Have a Good Antivirus/Firewall Solution

Ultimate Security - VPNs and Firewalls
There are several misconceptions regarding Internet security currently circulating throughout the digital world. VPNs, or virtual private networks, are an encryption tool that is created by allowing a network of computers to access the Internet through an encrypted and secure channel. All information shared on the network remains out of the public eye and away from Internet security risks. However, many believe that if you are using a VPN, antivirus software or firewalls are not necessary. This cannot be further from the truth! VPNs can help you in a lot of ways, but to truly protect yourself against Internet security breaches, it is important that you understand each element in use and how it can help. To assist, we have outlined each of the key components below:
Virtual private networks, which we previously outlined, provide an encrypted tunnel for all Internet traffic. The information is even protected from other users of the VPN that are within a different intranet.
Antivirus Software

Difference Between Antivirus And Firefox Software

There are many anti virus software's available in market that protect your computer against harmful threats released when you click on a benign-looking email message, pop-up that contain a virus, worm or other form of malware. If there is no anti virus software installed the virus or worms will wash out important data from the computer and will also affect the working of the computer. Though anti virus software is not sufficient to protect your computer you will also need anti virus firewall software.
Most of the threats to your computer occur when you use the internet. There are hackers who gain access to your computer and steal all your personal information and also destroy your computer files. While some hacker's access your computer to generate attacks on other computers and networks. Anti virus software is not fully capable to block a hacker and stop worms and viruses sent on a network.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Kaspersky Antivirus 2012 Review - Is Kaspersky Any Good

Kaspersky is a Russian computer security firm co-founded by Natalia and Eugene Kaspersky in 1997. It offers a wide range of security products for home and business PCs and includes antivirus, anti-spyware, antispam and firewall protection.
Kaspersky has received many awards for its software and it has been included in software Top 100s 2009 edition of the best software company rankings. And since 2003 Kaspersky has passed almost all of Virus Bulletin comparative tests; a feat that many antivirus software programs have failed to accomplish.
Kaspersky antivirus is available for both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. Tests showed that it has good performance and effectiveness on both operating systems.
It has been submitted to the leading test labs including AV-Test, Virus Bulletin, ICSA and West Coast loads and the latest tests for the 2012 version of Kaspersky have been on Windows 7 and XP. It scored 100% protection on Windows 7 for protection against viruses and this was only matched by BitDefender. On Windows XP it scored 92% for protection against viruses and it was second only to BitDefender antivirus. So Kaspersky has shown impressive results during tests and beat all other antivirus programs except BitDefender.
Most online Kaspersky antivirus reviews by customers are positive. And the poll we ran at Best Buy Antivirus for "Best antivirus for Windows" shows that Kaspersky was number one, beating BitDefender, Norton, Panda and other leading programs. This reflects the positive experience that many customers have had with this vendor over the years.
There are pros and cons associated with Kaspersky antivirus 2012 and we've included the major ones below:
1. Kaspersky detects new threats at a 100% success rate according to AV-Test
2. It protects from a wide range of threats including viruses, worms, spyware, Trojans, rootkits, keyloggers, hackers, phishing attacks and more.
3. It has features and tools that are normally only found in more comprehensive Internet security packages.
4. It includes three licences for use on three computers.
5. Kaspersky has a virtual keyboard which prevents hackers and keyloggers from stealing your personal details.
6. Its updates run in the background and do not slow down your PC or interfere while you use it.
1. The Kaspersky antivirus 2012 price appears high and you can easily find a cheaper antivirus program. But it includes a three-user license so you get to protect three computers for the price of one.
Kaspersky offers great support and it comes in the form of a knowledge base, FAQs, product manuals and an active form. You can use these on the website or through the software interface and the customer team is available over the phone and via online chat. Overall, it's a good antivirus program and one of the best in the market.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6759749

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Quick and Easy Antivirus Installation

Computer virus threats are very common to computer enthusiasts. They are coming closer to new technologies such as Voice over Internet Protocol and instant messengers. The advancements in features offered on the Internet are simply multiplying the threats by spreading malware, and thus requiring awareness when surfing the Web. Online services provide antivirus installation for virus removal in a quick and easy manner.
Online service is proving to be one of the most popular services offered now days and online services are claiming to completely clean viruses as long as the end user has a working internet connection.
You must arm your computer with necessary protections with Anti-virus being the basic, where anti-virus software applications are must for each and every computer attached to the Internet.

Monday, 16 December 2013

AVG Anti-Virus Removal - How to Uninstall AVG Anti-Virus Easily and Completely?

AVG Anti-Virus includes most of the common functions available in modern internet security programs. However, sometimes for some reason, the program may not meet your expectation and you just need to remove AVG Anti-Virus.
When you want to uninstall AVG Anti-Virus, the most common used tool which pops up in your mind comes to the Add/ Remove programs on Control Panel. But you should keep in mind that by this method, you can't completely delete all the useless registry entries, related files and traces left by previously removed program. What's the harm for a failed removal of AVG Anti-Virus?
1. Unwanted programs take up valuable disk space and slow down your PC.
2. Mass traces left over by an incomplete uninstall can stuff Windows registry.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Kaspersky Antivirus 2012 Review - Is Kaspersky Any Good?

Kaspersky is a Russian computer security firm co-founded by Natalia and Eugene Kaspersky in 1997. It offers a wide range of security products for home and business PCs and includes antivirus, anti-spyware, antispam and firewall protection.
Kaspersky has received many awards for its software and it has been included in software Top 100s 2009 edition of the best software company rankings. And since 2003 Kaspersky has passed almost all of Virus Bulletin comparative tests; a feat that many antivirus software programs have failed to accomplish.
Kaspersky antivirus is available for both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. Tests showed that it has good performance and effectiveness on both operating systems.

Friday, 13 December 2013

How To Fix The Most Common Printer Ink Problems That You Will Encounter

Most people around the world are not technologically savvy. They buy a printer and do not know much about printer ink cartridges or about troubleshooting problems that might appear. It is very important that every single printer owner out there reads articles like this one and that research as much information as possible about how to fix problems that appear. I say this because most problems can actually be fixed. You would lose a lot of money if you just buy a new cartridge every single time that something wrong happens.
Dirty Printhead
The dirty printhead can appear due to many different reasons and the fix is actually a lot simpler than what you might think. All that you need to do is use warm tap water. Run the printhead through it for a few minutes. After you are done, use a cloth to dry all the excess water that appears before you put the cartridge back in the printer. The ink that is dried in the nozzles can be dissolved. Such a fix should be considered whenever cartridges are removed from the printer and are exposed to air for too much time.

How to Choose Best Antivirus Software?

Unfortunately these days its pretty common for your computer to be effected with some form of malicious software. No need to despair finding a reputable antivirus should safeguard your computer well. Lets look at some of the key points to look out for when selecting an antivirus. Your computer can become useless when it's attacked by a malicious virus. Your system's files, documents, folders and programs can become corrupted.
Your computer may even crash if you fail to take proper action. You don't need to wait until your computer is attacked by a virus before you start taking proper action. You need to install the best antivirus software from day one. The software can easily protect your computer from the onslaught of viruses. You don't need to crack your brain just to select the best antivirus software. Given below are vital tips you can engage:
· Identify your system's operating system
It's important you know your computer's operating system since antivirus programs are usually manufactured to suit specific operating systems. If you're using Windows OS, you need to look for an antivirus program that will match it. If you're using Linux or Mac, you should also go an antivirus program that's meant for them.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

My Antivirus Is Slowing Down My Computer - How to Stop Your Computer Running Slow

A lot of people find that there antivirus software slows their computer right down to the point that each time they open a file or folder it takes a long time to open. Some types of antivirus software are worse than others and it also depends on how you are using your computer.
What happens then is that some people get so fed up they disable their antivirus software and this can lead to serious consequences if your computer suddenly gets infected with a virus or spyware that can be hard and costly to remove.
How do you know your antivirus software is slowing down your computer?
Before you blame your antivirus software for slowing down your computer you should ensure it is this first. To prove this it is a simple matter of disabling it. Depending on which type of antivirus software you have there are different ways of doing this. Before you do this though there are three steps you should take.
#1 Disconnect your PC or laptop from the internet first. The last thing you want is for your PC to get infected.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Use Free Antivirus To Keep Your Computer Safe

It is very important to keep your valuable computer safe from dangerous viruses by installing good anti virus software. Many types of antivirus software are available in the market today. They are available in different rates and with different features. Most of them offer complete safety from viruses, spy wares, malware etc.
More and more types of viruses are coming up every day so it is very important to protect your computer with good quality software. The customer will have to buy them from the software companies by giving a good amount of money, but nowadays there are many antivirus software which is completely free. Anyone can download it from the website of the software company and install them they offer complete protection and safety but people are very doubtful about their results. You can see many websites from where you can download anti virus free.
Most of the software companies provide two versions of the same anti virus software in the website; one will be a free download version and other is the commercial version. It is true that the commercial version will be much more advanced, but the fact is the protection offered by the free version is more than enough for regular computer users.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

5 Of The Best Free Antivirus Software You May Want To Go For

The internet is proving to be a dangerous place because of viruses, hackers, and spyware and phishing sites. Therefore, PC owners require reliable antivirus software to help them keep computers safe. However, it can prove expensive to keep the PCs safe, because you will need to keep updating the antivirus software every year. Fortunately, several top antivirus software available in the market makes it easy to keep your PC safe. These include:
1. Panda Cloud Antivirus
The Panda Cloud antivirus features a lightweight tool that offers real-time antivirus protection for free. The software can be used along other security programs without problems. It is a free version of the commercial product and therefore, it has several missing features. The "USB Vaccine" helps to reduce the risks of malware likely to infect the USB drive while the Pro-edition seeks to protect users on public Wi-Fi networks.
2. AVG Free Antivirus
The AVG Free Antivirus offers a solid package with a range of features including: an antivirus engine, identity theft protection, email scanner and a Link Scanner Surf-Shield that helps to ensure safety while you are online. The software features lots of buttons, tiles and menu entries, which make the program to look more complex.
3. A vast Free Antivirus
The A vast Free Antivirus is considered one of the most popular softwares. The program can be installed easily because it features a straightforward interface that is easy to use. Performing a quick scan can help you identify potential threats on the PC. All this offers a minimal impact on the performance of the system. Independent testing of the software has found the program good. The Avast Free features useful extras include a software updater that alerts you to update the program.
4. Zone Alarm Free Antivirus + firewall
The main concern about the Zone Alarm Free Antivirus + Firewall are that it is updated daily (the hourly updates are normally reserved for the commercial-version). The daily updates leaves the PC exposed to the latest threats. Nevertheless, the software offers plenty of functionality (with a capable AV Test certified antivirus engine), some browsing protection and easy-to-use firewall.
5. Emsisoft Emergency Kit
Other antivirus programs do not come with guaranteed 100% rate of detection. As a result, malware is likely to slip through the defenses. Therefore, it is important to have in place a second tool such as the Emsisoft Emergency Kit. The program operates without requiring to be installed. This reduces chances of conflict with other existing antivirus packages.

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F-Secure Internet Security 2010 - The Best Antivirus Program for Families

F-Secure Internet Security 2010offers what many other antivirus programs do not--a complete family protection package. Its revolutionary system combines firewall and antivirus and browsing protection while giving you complete control through the use of advanced features such as security, spam filtering, and parental control.
The program comes with a new technology known as DeepGuard which is used for behavior analysis. The main purpose of this feature is to check on programs that automatically open some other program to perform malicious actions. Because of DeepGuard, this software is especially useful against threats that have not yet been discovered and against the latest malware programs.
The F-Secure Internet Security 2010 Suite comes with various features like advanced parental control system for complete family protection and appropriate use of the internet, an extremely easy to use interface for complete control over a sophisticated set of tools and a routine update system that keeps your PC up to date on all virus and spyware definitions.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

I Have a Slow Computer - Do I Need a New Antivirus?

A slow computer is one of the surest signs that you have picked up a bug. If you already have an antivirus installed on the machine there are several reasons why it might have missed the particular bug that you have.
Antivirus software is not capable of recognizing every single Trojan, malware, spyware, virus that is currently circulating around the internet. To be honest with you, the people that make the bad things like the viruses are staying ahead of the people who make the antivirus cures for them. You can compare it to a super bug that has become immune to antibiotics.
Whenever these superbugs get resistant to the antibiotics that were normally used to treat them, the doctor's try to new medicines, until they find one that works. There is not one antibiotic than can destroy every infection that attacks the human body. There is not an antivirus available today that can eradicate every malicious computer virus.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

A Brief Introduction to Antivirus Software and How It Works

Antivirus or the antivirus software is primarily intended to fight viruses. They prevent the computer from being infested with virus, malware or spyware. Besides checking the infestation one can control or remove the infestations. Detection can be done in different ways primarily the signature based methods involve searching for set patterns of data with an executable code. When infestation has no signature that is known heuristics is used. The basic type of heuristics can identify new viruses whose signatures are unknown and terminate them. Generally the softwares try to run the program in a sandbox and try to work out what are the malicious jobs performed by it.
However besides being useful the softwares also have drawbacks like they deeply impair the computer's performance and slow it down. Scanning and termination functions are time consuming and any incorrect decision can lead to a security breach.
Viruses in earlier days were spread by floppy drives and disks. Since internet was not available the infestations were not very strong. During this time, virus checkers checked executable files and boot sectors of hard disks and floppy drives. With introduction of the internet viruses began to be spread by web. The necessity of antivirus software is explained below:
The macros that are very powerful and employed in word processors present major risk and they can be used by writers to get them embedded with documents despite being hidden. Anti viruses are measures to check this threat too. Outlook express is again vulnerable to infestations a can lead to the computer getting infected merely by opening or previewing. With introduction of the broadband release of more and more number and types of viruses began. There are different methods of identification to detect and eliminate the infection. The methods can be signature based that employs a dictionary of virus signatures. They do not search the entire file as a whole but in pieces. Heuristic methods are another ploy to combat viruses. In a virtual environment file emulation executes malicious activity using a heuristic approach for unknown viruses.
It is a complex process and sophisticated method. Many viruses begin as a single infection and mutate easily thereafter or grow into large numbers of slightly different strains, called variants. Generic detection enables detection and removal of such strains by employing one single virus detection. While it may be useful to detect one particular virus it is quicker to detect a virus family through a generic signature. Virus researchers find similar zones which most viruses share a unique relation with can thus create a single generic signature which often contains non-contiguous code and the differences can be brought out by wildcard characters.

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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Advantages of Cloud Based Antivirus Protection

As much as everyone enjoys the ease and convenience that the Internet has brought users worldwide, the proliferation of virus threats puts a damper on the whole experience. As a frustrated user who cannot deal with the nuisance anymore, what you need is to find the ideal antivirus program that will let you enjoy the perks of the Internet yet still provide complete protection online.
This is where cloud virus protection comes in. Cloud virus protection is a program used by corporations in their efforts to protect their network from various online threats. It provides numerous benefits that makes online protection more effective and efficient. In terms of efficiency, it also ensures that it doesn't bog down your system, which is typical of most conventional virus removal software.
Advanced testing is carried out on antivirus softwares to determine their effectiveness and working criteria. When it comes to cloud protection, tests have been conducted, with several more in the process to highlight the benefits of using cloud-based antivirus products as mentioned below: