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My Antivirus Is Slowing Down My Computer - How to Stop Your Computer Running Slow

A lot of people find that there antivirus software slows their computer right down to the point that each time they open a file or folder it takes a long time to open. Some types of antivirus software are worse than others and it also depends on how you are using your computer.
What happens then is that some people get so fed up they disable their antivirus software and this can lead to serious consequences if your computer suddenly gets infected with a virus or spyware that can be hard and costly to remove.
How do you know your antivirus software is slowing down your computer?
Before you blame your antivirus software for slowing down your computer you should ensure it is this first. To prove this it is a simple matter of disabling it. Depending on which type of antivirus software you have there are different ways of doing this. Before you do this though there are three steps you should take.
#1 Disconnect your PC or laptop from the internet first. The last thing you want is for your PC to get infected.

#2 Disable your antivirus software.
#2 Open an application or game that runs slow.
If you find it runs faster with your antivirus disabled there are a few steps you can take to speed up your computer without risking disabling your antivirus and leaving your computer open to attack.
How can you speed up your computer without completely disabling your antivirus?
#1 If your antivirus software has a firewall built in and you connect to the internet through a router you are probably using two firewalls. Check the documentation for your router or modem and if it has a firewall built in disable the antivirus firewall. If you are using ESET antivirus for example you would do this by double clicking on the icon for the antivirus on the taskbar, go to setup and then go to disable filtering allow all traffic. With other types of antivirus you need to check the settings.
#2 Prevent your antivirus scanning every single time a file is opened. This is very CPU and memory intensive and on large programs and games it can bring them to a halt. Some antivirus software has an option to configure what is scanned and when. For example with ESET antivirus go to setup, then real time file system protection and click on configure. Once it opens untick the box that says the box that says scan in file open. This option will slow your computer right down. If you have a different make of antivirus check to for the relevant options.
#3 If you find your computer still runs slow after disabling these options you need to ensure there is no malware on your computer and the rest of your computer is properly optimized. Newer malware likes to trick people into thinking their antivirus is causing problems to the extent that your PC will slow down when it is enabled.
As soon as you disable it the malware will immediately start operating and allow all sorts of dangerous software onto your computer from the internet. This is why you should never disable your antivirus when connected to the internet.
If your computer still runs ensure your antivirus is enabled and connect to the internet again. Download a system scanner and optimizer. This will perform two functions.
#1 It will scan for malware on your PC or laptop and stop it.
#2 It will optimize your computer and all your settings for the best performance.
Along with the other steps above this is the best way to make your computer run faster without risking your security by switching off your antivirus software. If you find your PC runs slow scan it now and reconfigure your antivirus to make your PC faster.

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