Friday, 20 December 2013

Difference Between Antivirus And Firefox Software

There are many anti virus software's available in market that protect your computer against harmful threats released when you click on a benign-looking email message, pop-up that contain a virus, worm or other form of malware. If there is no anti virus software installed the virus or worms will wash out important data from the computer and will also affect the working of the computer. Though anti virus software is not sufficient to protect your computer you will also need anti virus firewall software.
Most of the threats to your computer occur when you use the internet. There are hackers who gain access to your computer and steal all your personal information and also destroy your computer files. While some hacker's access your computer to generate attacks on other computers and networks. Anti virus software is not fully capable to block a hacker and stop worms and viruses sent on a network.

Many firewall software or hardware are capable to block the access of hackers, viruses, and worms and prevents their danger to your computer. It is must to have a firewall protection for your home computer. Accessing internet without having a firewall on a home computer is very dangerous and is a real threat to your personal information. A firewall monitors the internet traffic in and out of your computer and allows access to websites that you want to contact by clicking n or entering a web address. Firewall blocks any unknown traffic to your computer that you are not using and has its own defense mechanism. However, a firewall on its own is defenseless against viruses that enter your computer and cannot block a spam or pop-up ads.
It is always good to have the best anti virus software and a firewall to protect your computer from viruses and worms. This will also blocks the attempts of internet hackers. So in short both anti virus and firewall is must for a computer and this way you will definitely safeguard your personal information as well as important files from worms, viruses, and hackers.
At the same time it is necessary that you purchase such a anti virus software and firewall which is easy to install. As aforementioned it is a good idea to have an up-to-date protection, but at the same time make sure that it is not expensive. You can use the internet and go through various websites and gather vital information that helps to protect your system.

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