Thursday, 11 July 2013

Tips to Save Money on Your Printer's Ink Jet Cartridges

Do you do as much printing as I do?
Do you need a reliable source of cheap inkjet cartridges once a month?
Well that could get expensive...take it form someone who goes through that many inkjet cartridges.
DON'T MISS USE YOUR PRINTER -Keep it simple...
Don't Print Photographs on Your Ink Jet Printer
A picture says a thousand words... And that is exactly the reason you see the commercial on TV where they print out a picture and you don't know one of two things they are not showing you.
Don't be fooled. The ink they actually use is top quality expensive, the photo paper is way expensive, and you can probably get better quality at a lower cost at your local drug store, Costco, Walmart, etc.
Ounce for ounce, printer ink literally is the most expensive liquid on the planet forget oil!
It's often more expensive at times than gold even. So before you buy your next printer, check out the price of ink jet cartridge replacements.
You'll want to be especially careful if you're considering a very low cost ink jet printer.
Why? Because the printer manufacturer actually usually charges a very very high price for their replacement cartridges so beware.

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