Monday, 8 July 2013

The Top 3 Rated Free Antivirus Software

There are many people who wouldn't consider downloading free antivirus software. And that's because they're cynical about antivirus vendors who develop these free programs; and believe they use them as marketing gimmicks to hook people into purchasing full antivirus software. Whether these claims are true or not, free antivirus software plays an important part in the security software realm.
On the other hand, there are many free antivirus and antispyware programs that are developed by cybercrooks. And these rogueware (rogue security software) programs are designed to fleece unsuspecting users. They masquerade as genuine security software programs and on the surface appear to scan your PC and find malware. But the reality is they are Trojan and malware threats and carry with them spy software that steals your personal information for all kinds of nefarious activities.
To outmanoeuvre these malware threats and protect your PC from all kinds of cyber threats, you need to be acquainted with the top rated free antivirus software programs. There are many good ones to choose from, but we've found 3 that have the best features and tools.
So here is our list of the top 3 rated free antivirus programs:
AVG Antivirus is one of the most downloaded free antivirus programs. It has a track record of providing excellent protection from all kinds of malware threats. And its full version is one of the top 10 antivirus programs.
Unlike some of its competitors, AVG Antivirus is a complete version and not some watered-down version. This is one of the reasons it's so popular and is protecting millions of computers around the world. It offers a detailed interface with all the features and tools in one place and yet is simple enough for easy use and configuring.
One thing you'll be aware of when you download it is AVGs constant reminder to pay for the professional program. But it does this without getting in the way of the program's goal of protecting you from viruses.
Avira like many other top antivirus software programs has a variety of security products for its different customer types. And then it has the free version which allows you to use it indefinitely and to test its features.
There's nothing to stop you from upgrading to the full antivirus program though, which provides even more protection. But the free version is no light-weight and has been rated by experts as one of the best free programs. It has a simple interface that includes easy-to-understand tabs, events and reports, all in one place.
Avast is a solid protection program. And like its other security brothers, it keeps your PC free of malware threats like Trojans, viruses and spyware. It doesn't annoy you with constant reminders to upgrade to the full paid version and you can update it each year with the latest version. Avast also cleans your PC of broken files and temporary files that slow it down.

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