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Fix HP Printer Problems: Solve Print Quality, Printing Speed, and Driver Issues

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Oftentimes, problems with our HP inkjet printers appear repeatedly. It's the same scenario every time; jammed papers, spotty printing, error message, etc. These are common problems which can easily be fixed and should not be a reason for delays. It is quick and easy to fix HP printer problems. Here are some tips which can help the next time you are faced with these situations.
Paper jams. This is by far the most common problem encountered when printing. Reasons for this include using crumpled papers, and printer roller problems. Once your paper is jammed, stop the printing operation, turn off your printer and pull the paper in the direction of the printing path; pulling it backwards might damage your printer more. Make sure there aren't any pieces of paper left inside the printer, and turn it back on. This should work properly by now.
However, if the rollers seemed misplaced or broken, you will have to buy a replacement roller for your printer model and ask your technician to replace it. Or you can go to the HP service center for assistance.
Low Print Quality: White lines along the paper, blotchy and spotty printing. There are two reasons from this problem: empty ink cartridge, and clogged Print Heads, the tubes that transfers ink from the cartridge to the paper. With the first, you simply have to replace the ink, and clean the Print Heads with your system; this is usually included in the printer window appearing when you put in a new cartridge. End it in a test print. Otherwise, you will have to clean your Print Heads with the use of cotton swabs and alcohol.
Printer is refusing to print. If you're getting error messages when trying to print, or your documents simply does not print, check the cable connections of your printer and computer, the cables should be plugged firmly in the proper ports. Also make sure that both your devices are getting enough power supply.
In addition, check printer settings to make sure that you have selected the proper device for document printing. You can do this by clicking on Start > Devices and Printers, and select your default printer. If it still doesn't work, you need to open your printer and check if something is blocking the rollers, the ink cartridges, or any other part of the printer. Dust can also cause this printer malfunction.
Ghosting or Slipping. If your printer produces an image with a much lighter copy, or overlapping pictures in a page, and you are certain you did not change your printing settings or image quality prior to printing, this should be caused by insufficient power supply. You might have to connect it to another outlet. However, if your printer is old, some parts may already need replacement, and such causes this printer problem as well.
Printer suddenly does not work. If you have recently changed your windows version, most probably, your computer has set new default driver software. It is the driver that makes your device work, in this case, the printer driver. If you have installed a new application, the default driver might also change. You can solve this by downloading the proper printer driver for your printer model online. Remember to key in your correct printer model and operating system when searching, for installing the wrong driver will not make your printer work. You can add efficiency by downloading from reliable sites which also offers drivers for other hardware, or searching programs that will look for the right driver for your device.
Printers generally last for 8 to 15 years. Observe proper maintenance: check the ink cartridge and the print heads, clean and dust off your printer occasionally, and stick with the ink brand and name that comes with your printer. Keep in mind to use the proper driver software all the time and install updates. Next time you encounter the above-mentioned problems, you can quickly fix your HP printer.

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