Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Does All Antivirus Software Perform Malware Removal?

All antivirus software performs malware removal, to a degree. All malware is not recognized by all antivirus software so the answer to this question is yes and no. There is no way to protect your computer one hundred percent from attacks of malware unless you never connect your machine to the internet.
The antivirus programs, and antispyware programs, are all designed to recognize as many of the known threats that are on the internet as possible. The problem is that today there may be two thousand known threats that the antivirus programs know how to stop, and tomorrow there may be three thousand that the antivirus software has never heard of.
The unknown viruses get past the antivirus that is installed on your computer. If you keep your antivirus program updated there is a good chance that at some point it will learn to recognize the bugs that are in your system. As soon as it sees the bug as a threat to you it will eradicate it.

Another problem that we face with our antivirus software is that the programs may recognize and remove a threat they find. The malware that caused the threat could have established a loop hole where it could re-enter the system. The antivirus eradicates the version it recognizes and the malware sends back-ups in through the loop hole.
This is not the fault of your antivirus. This is because the people that send you viruses work harder at being dishonest than they would have to at being honest. It is hard for the designers of the antivirus programs to keep up with the never ending cycle of malwares that are being invented.
When you shop for antivirus software you have to shop for one that is compatible with the operating system you use. Some programs that work with the Windows operating system will not work with the Mac computers.
Some antivirus programs are designed to help people who download a lot of videos and games. Gamers need a good defense, and some antivirus programs are made more suitable for the normal surfer on the internet. A gamer that gets a program designed for the average internet surfing could quickly become infected with a Trojan. You need to consider how you use your computer before you buy your software protections.
You also need to try the antivirus and make certain you fully understand all of the features and how to use them. A feature is no good to you if you do not know how to implement it.

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