Friday, 24 May 2013

Know About Keyloggers

If you want to be aware of all activities performed on your PC, you should consider getting a keylogger. This special software records all the real-time activity performed on the computer. In other words, the program keeps a log of the pressed keys and takes screenshots which you can use for checking what operations are performed on your computer. The main purpose of this innovative monitoring tool is to keep a track of the operations done by all users of the computer. Many parents use this app to check how much time their children spend before their PC screens and how they use their systems. Generally, keyloggers are installed secretly, thus can be successfully used by employees and big companies to monitor performance of their personnel. However, there are various malicious ways of using this software. For example, for stealing credit card information or passwords.
You need to understand that not all of the available keyloggers are alike. Thus, before buying any software it is necessary to consider several important aspects.
Here is a list of things you need to check.
To avail all advantages of using a keylogger it must be installed and used secretly. Thus, make sure it is not shown on the screen in the form of the toolbar or icon. Besides, this software should not be detected by the anti-virus program installed on the PC.
The next aspect you need to check is whether the administrative activity of the app you consider purchasing is protected by a password. This aspect is very important, because the process of installing the application should be reliably protected. Only one person (generally, the owner of the PC) is authorized to set up the levels of logging and view the activity log. Otherwise, there is no point in installing the app. The other beneficial feature this software can offer is the function of sending longs on email. The logs are sent with regular intervals and therefore you can monitor activity of your PC even remotely.
In addition to keystrokes monitoring, high-end applications allow to keep track of printing activity and visual screen images. Many advanced programs make screenshots which are compressed and stored on the disk. These could be additional benefits you can get. Thus, make sure you check this aspect.
Modern applications are available in a great assortment. Many can be downloaded for free. Using free programs is recommended for the trial purpose mainly. Free software can be easily detected by most anti-keylogger programs. Thus, the user can easily detect that the system is equipped with the monitoring tool. Most paid apps offer excellent performance. However, even the most advanced program can be detected by the experienced user. But such cases are quite rare.
Speaking short, keylogger is a great monitoring tool that can be successfully implemented in home and business environment. When used by business organizations it helps improve employee performance.

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