Monday, 6 May 2013

An Overview of Norton Antivirus

Computers have become valuable to the lives of millions around the world. Every aspect of our daily routine is reliant to computer processes. Every sector of society is run by computer generated system.
Despite the many good benefits we derived from computers, there are people who are trying to destroy these productive processes by creating computer programs aimed at destroying the computer system. They create viruses that harm computers when victims accidentally open them.
The advances in computer operating systems are continuing. Experts are trying to improve further these computer systems for personal and commercial usage. There are also efforts to counter the worst of effects of computer viruses. One of the software to combat these viruses is the Norton AntiVirus or the NAV.
The NAV was developed by Symantec Corporation. It detects and removes viruses, spyware, adware, and other possible risks to computers.
The Norton AntiVirus is offered for sale as a product by itself. It means that it can be installed in computers as a program. This product is also sold as a component of other Norton software program. Norton Internet Security and Norton SystemWorks includes the antivirus program as one of their programs.

NAV was first released in 1990. The NAV was incorporated with its main competitor in 1994. The era rival was the Central Point Anti-Virus or the CPAV. Likewise, CPAV was licensed as the Microsoft Anti-Virus utility.
The Norton AntiVirus is no different with other standard programs of this kind. Viruses, spyware, worms, keyloggers, rootkits and malwares are the main focus of the Norton AntiVirus. The present time protection against the said malicious programs is the foremost feature. Actual time scanning is also included in the software.
The Norton AntiVirus prevents viruses and similar programs from penetrating the computer system. The NAV does its job on the sidelines. It works without disrupting the regular use of the personal computer. It does not interfere with internet surfing, software or music download and some other online services.

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