Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Problems And Solutions: Norton Internet Security

The internet is fraught with lot of malicious code. Even a casual internet surfer can very easily lose an expensive hard drive of his unprotected computer. Norton Internet Security software which is made by Symantec Corporation is among the most popular security programs, it defends your computer from any host of internet dangers. However, every program has its own good points and bad points, even with the best program that you trust most for keeping your computer safe. Norton Internet Security comes with a secure firewall but there are some problems that you should watch out for. In this article you will get to know about some common problem that you face with Norton Firewall.

Mac Security Update

Norton's firewall with the Internet Security 3.0 has caused little problems with a specific update to Mac OS X in 2003. When the July 14, 2003, update was actually applied, some computers could not reboot, and thus the only way to salvage all those computers was to boot it from any other another device, such as the other operating system installation disc. Users with old versions of this software should be little cautious while updating their computer system.

Blocking Internet Access

The Norton firewall will sometimes block certain websites or JavaScript, thinking they are a threat. It can also block browsers. If you receive an error reading "Server not found," Norton may be blocking your browser. "Connect attempt failed" may indicate it is blocking the website you are trying to view. These errors and JavaScript problems can be fixed by adjusting settings inside Norton.

Flaw Requiring Patch

The older versions of the Norton Security program had some flaws which may allow hackers to actually infiltrate your computers. This also included the firewall program. Symantec Company issued a patch through its Live Update service later in the year 2004 in order to fix this issue. If you are also concerned about your version of Norton program then you can also apply the patch through LiveUpdate or even manually.


If the Norton Internet Security is not allowing you to access some websites then you can adjust the privacy settings of your computer. You can also change the strength of Norton firewall or you can even disable it temporarily to get access. If Norton Internet Security still continues to give you problems even after being temporarily disabled, in that case you can set the Norton program to start manually. This prevents Windows of your system from loading the program whenever the computer is started.

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