Wednesday, 3 April 2013

McAfee Antivirus: General Problems

Market is full of Antivirus suites to choose from according to need and choice. McAfee is one of the oldest of them. It is created by McAfee Inc, a leader in the Antivirus market developing and providing antivirus solutions to home computers as well as professional computers. McAfee was earlier known as Network Associates which now has a trail of computer security products developed and released periodically.
Main McAfee features of the McAfee Antivirus are:
• On boot scanner (McAfee OAS)
• Providing Inbound & outbound firewall protection
• Providing Spyware protection
• Self update
• Site adviser providing safety rating of the sites visited
• Active System Guard facility
• Active Protection
Most of these features make McAfee unique from its counterparts. But somewhere these unique features are also responsible for the problems arising to most of the users of this antivirus and creating functional problems with their computers largely because of the lack of knowledge on the part of users. The users try fixing them by their own and end up making the things more complex.
During last few years the popularity and use of McAfee antivirus is largely affected due to the problems associated with this once monarch, of the antivirus market. Of late, online McAfee Technical Support has come up to rescue the users
The list of the problems being generally faced by the users is relatively larger than those with other antivirus brands present in the market, which is driving the McAfee users to change their loyalties. McAfee Technical Support comes forth to rescue such customers who find themselves helpless dealing with this antivirus. The main problems surfacing with the use of this antivirus are discussed as under;
First of all this antivirus is a bulky package which occupies a large space on the hard disk of its user, naturally leaving less space for other software installed on the computer. The home computers which are generally having less hard disk space are greatly affected by this heavy antivirus suite.
Secondly, its resource usage is quite high which takes a large space of RAM resulting into slowing down the computer equivalent to hang.
Even being a heavy software Virus & malware detection rate of this antivirus is not more than those available for free on net.
Startup or booting time of the computers having McAfee security becomes significantly higher than those without it. It leaves the user clueless about the real problem who thinks that the computer has got some hardware issues.
The scanning time it takes is longer and sometimes it doesn't seek user's permission to start the scan which is irritating on the part of the user.
Finally it is also not among one of those easily removable antivirus software. It is the real headache to get rid of this antivirus if the customer wants to uninstall it as it has a tendency to stick down to the computer installed on.
Though all the above discussed problems are not serious and can easily be dealt by a professional, a simple user may find them impossible to deal all by oneself. Professional help like McAfee Technical Support can easily be availed by the customers facing any problems with McAfee software either online or on phone using McAfee Technical Support Number available 24x7.

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