Monday, 22 April 2013

Norton Antivirus Contact

When you purchased your new computer it probably came with a CD that automatically installed a program called Norton Antivirus. While the software does work effectively at protecting your PC from hazardous viruses (that could cause permanent damage to your hard drive/system), many experts in the field of antivirus and spyware seem to recommend other programs that may do a better job.
In fact, just recently when I was searching information on how to contact Norton antivirus, some interesting tips were posted in forums that I will share with you below:
Taking Up Too Much Of Your Computers Resources
When you look up Symantec's website on how to contact Norton antivirus, you will not find any precise information on how much of your computers resources will be used when running the program, only an average estimate. Tech experts have concluded that Norton may be somewhat of a "resource hog" in terms of running at full speed. This means that when the software is running you will see a significant drop in how your computer performs.

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