Tuesday, 24 September 2013

There is Not a Perfect Antivirus Software

Antivirus Protection
The other day I heard a friend complain that he spent nearly 4 hours to argue with Norton support people for he couldn't understand why he should paid extra 160 dollars to fix Norton's mistake. It happened when my friend clicked on a game site called "Play Sushi.com" and then he tried to get the website off but he failed. He immediately ran a full system scan with Norton but the anti-virus found nothing.
From then on, his computer was getting slower and slower and had pop-ups. When he explained his issues with Sushi, the guy immediately said it was a virus and my friend should pay $160 for a tech guy to look into it, for Sushi had not any responsibility to fix the virus problem for my poor friend. Well, if it was a virus, why Norton anti-virus which my friend had paid (not expired) found nothing while the computer did meet problem? Norton didn't play its role as an anti-virus obviously here.
The above story could have been a lot worse. I also knew a friend whose Mcafee was disabled by a kind of virus and his computer was fully controlled by the blackguard virus.
It should be disappointing when we found that our anti-virus programs which were popular in the market did not work. Here, we might ask what anti-virus was best when our anti-virus programs were not working. Based on such a view, some of us were eager to find another powerful anti-virus to protect their computers.
But the true fact is that there is not any perfect anti-virus software, for anti-virus are predefined solutions to common viruses/spy-wares and each day there are lots of new viruses/spy-wares or the existing viruses and spy-wares' variant being created. Though updating your anti-virus software's threat signatures is feasible to a certain extent, what if the virus is too new and not listed in threat signatures timely?

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  1. I think Kaspersky is the best antivirus or internet security in this age not Norton.
    Norton is gone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!