Thursday, 13 June 2013

How to Prevent a Computer Virus

When your computer is performing suspiciously slower than usual, automatically shuts down, or is popping error messages, it could be infected with a virus. A virus could hamper the performance of your computer and put all your files at risk. Over the years, viruses have become more advanced and more difficult to detect and kill. Here are some ways to prevent a computer virus and stop putting your PC at risk.
Prevent a PC virus with reliable anti-virus software.
It is a lot easier to protect a computer from virus than fix it when it has already been attacked. The best form of action when dealing with viruses is protection. There are so many brands of anti-virus software available in the market. Invest in a business grade anti-virus and don't settle for the free or pre-installed kinds.
Avoid computer virus by browsing securely.
Whenever you go online, don't let down your guard. Be wary of suspicious sites and don't give out sensitive information at a drop of a hat. There are plenty of sneaks on the web and one innocent form can cost you all your relevant data and important files.
Always create a backup.
Viruses are usually created to mess up with your PC by erasing or altering relevant computer data. While there is no fool-proof way of preventing a computer virus, you can protect your files by creating a backup. It also won't hurt to have a remote backup online just in case your flash disks get messed up too.
Be wary of suspicious emails.
Most viruses are transmitted through emails. It is so very easy to open an attachment without scanning it. Next thing you know, you can no longer use your PC. Scanning email attachments first before opening them is a good way to avoid PC virus. Scanning files could take a while but every second is worth it. It doesn't matter who the email is from. Make it a general rule to scan and save. Another important reminder about emails---don't be trigger happy when it comes to website links. These links often contain all kinds of malware and virus that could make it into your PC without your knowledge. If you want to open a website, the best way is to type the address manually.
Prevent PC virus by avoiding plug-ins.
These innocent applications that claim to do a number of stuffs are often embedded with virus. Once you install them, it can slow down your PC and expose your computer to a spyware of some kind. Prevent computer virus attacks by saying no to plug-ins.
Fix errors.
Errors can make your PC vulnerable to virus attacks. A good program to invest in is Smart PC Fixer. This program scans and repair errors in minutes. It is also an effective anti-virus application. It scans your PC for virus, malware, and spyware. This is a very neat way of keeping your PC healthy and preventing all kinds of computer virus.

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