Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Advantages of Webroot Window Washer

When we are using our computer, there are loads of applications which we might use for our daily activities. This results into high memory usage by these applications and it tends to make our computer very slow. Further, we might not need each of those applications at the same time and even then, we allow them to run unnecessarily as we don't have much idea about them. Moreover, when we are using internet, our computers are at a grave risk of catching a computer virus or a Trojan horse program which can harm our computers.

Thus, it is very important that we keep our computers updated with such software which can regularly scan our computers without much hassle. Webroot Window Washer helps us to achieve all these objectives quite easily. Whenever a website is loaded in our web browser, some files named cookies are stored by that website. These files can be used by hackers to hack our computers and it is very important that we keep our computers clean from them.

We can clean these files easily using Webroot Window Washer by a single click of a button. It is pretty fast in its operation and quite effective as well. You can even set the time at which Webroot Window Washer would scan your computer and clear it from unwanted files. If you feel that no authorized user should access it, you can set a password which would not allow unauthorized use.

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