Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Best Anti Virus Spyware Removers

I've never understood what drives gifted computer programmers to spend their time creating viruses, worms, and other malware. They could be doing something good for all of Humanity with their amazing abilities, but instead they're coding and releasing programs that exist for no reason but to destroy. If you're using a computer that has any kind of connection to the Internet (and if you're reading this, you probably are), your system is in some way exposed to these nasty programs. Thankfully, there are a few good guys out there who are developing programs to combat these nasty executables. In this guide to anti virus spyware removers, I'll tell you about a few of the best and give you tips to keep your computer safe.

The first line of defense against virus and malware infestations is a home firewall. There are two types of firewalls - software and hardware. For the absolute highest in personal security, a hardware-based firewall is the best choice. By isolating the examination and quarantine of suspect files to a completely separate machine, the chances of infecting other machines in the network is heavily reduced. However, hardware firewalls can be expensive and require some network modification. A simpler option is a software firewall, which adds a layer of protection between your modem and your operating system. A number of free or shareware firewalls that work as anti virus spyware removers exist, but my favorite is PC Tools Firewall Plus, which monitors network connection processes robustly and clearly.

In addition to a firewall, it's a good idea to install a monitoring program to your system to evaluate incoming and outgoing network requests and remove downloads and installations of unwanted programs. My favorite anti virus spyware remover in this category is Spybot Search & Destroy. Not only does it clean your system out of all sorts of unwanted gunk that can compromise your security and privacy, it also monitors your communications and pops up a warning whenever an external program tries to make suspicious changes on your hard drive.

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