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Toner Based Printer Offers 26 PPM Color Laser Prints


As a color electrostatic printer that puts a stress on long-run use and quality output each time you utilize it, the hollow 3130cn accomplishes everything it sets intent on do. It boasts nice network choices that create it straightforward to attach a complete workgroup or workplace, and troubleshooting is unbroken to a minimum by the easy-to-use panel and body support. From full color, shiny brochures to in-house double-sided memos that scale back waste, the hollow 3130cn is each versatile and cost-efficient in generating business prints.

Features and practicality


The speed of the hollow 3130cn is one amongst its best options, particularly since quality is rarely sacrificed even with the raised output capabilities. Monochrome prints ar completed in the maximum amount as thirty one pages per minute, with an impressive twenty six ppm rate for color documents. Larger, a lot of complicated jobs may even see a rather reduced speed, however most users will avoid drawn-out wait times despite what it's they are making.

Paper Capacity:

The hollow 3130cn comes normal with a 400-sheet paper capability, that is detached between a 150-sheet utile receptacle and a 250-sheet drawer. A second 550-sheet paper receptacle are often purchased and put in individually, delivery the whole paper capability up to 950 sheets. The utile receptacle are often used with most kinds of envelopes, coated paper, label stock, and recycled paper, whereas the drawer usually functions best with letter and legal-sized paper. Duplex printing is obtainable as associate degree optional upgrade.


At 15.8" x 19.8" x 18.5" (W x D x H) and fifty three.5 pounds, the printer's dimensions ar sufficiently little to render it associate degree ally in any sized workplace house, from economical home offices to larger workgroups at intervals a company setting.

Printer Capacity:

A large monthly duty cycle of seventy,000 pages and a 400MHz processor permit businesses with giant print demands to get their documents quickly and expeditiously. the quality 128MB of memory, that is giant enough for many moderate print desires, can even be distended to up to ten times its size, for a complete of 1280MB altogether.

Output Quality:

The resolution on the printer is additionally according to the standard output that hollow is understood for. The optical device dpi resolution is obtainable at a solid 600 x 600, with a 2400 image quality overall. Text is crisp and clear, with a reduced chance of smudging. pictures and graphics ar offered with wealthy details, notwithstanding whether or not you are printing in color or a variety of grey scale. one amongst the options that create the hollow 3130cn distinctive from alternative printers in its category is its ability to continue generating B/W prints even once a color toner cartridge is empty, which implies your quality prints ar ne'er bogged down.


Connectivity for the printer is obtainable via 3 wired routes: a USB two.0 Type-B port, associate degree IEEE 1284 interface, or the inherent local area network 10/100 Base-T interface. The local area network permits businesses to higher network multiple users, tho' offices that like a a lot of efficient association choice will prefer to purchase an extra wireless networking adapter. All cables should be purchased individually, however installation and support is created straightforward with Dell's phone support  brother printer and optional on-site service.

The printer is compatible with most Windows-based, Mac, and in operation system|operating system|OS} operating systems, and is put in by victimization the enclosed Printer Management package and Driver System. Windows seven and newer systems might need a transfer from Dell's support center before the printer can install properly.


Included with the initial printer purchase ar moderate-yield cartridges of three,000 pages every in Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow. The Black cartridge offers a bit a lot of print output at four,000 pages of use. (All numbers ar supported a five p.c coverage rate.) High-yield replacement hollow 3130cn toner is accessible in sizes of nine,000 pages every.

The hollow 3130cn may be a cost-efficient thanks to generate spirited, colourful prints, because of the ColorTrack thulium two.1 capabilities. directors will remotely management the employment of color by individual or department, with the power to limit or disable the quantity of color toner used via Dell's distinctive Printer net Configuration Tool. extra tools for 3130cn toner embody the hollow Toner Management System, that monitors provide levels and notifies you once it's time to order extra cartridges.


High-end headquarters users and small- to medium-sized businesses that desire a cost-efficient print answer can realize that the hollow 3130cn is a superb alternative. With a number of the most recent hollow options, as well as color chase, monochrome printing even once the colour toner is empty, and therefore the company's outstanding support brother printer  choices, users will rest assured that their print expertise is precisely the method they need it to be. And with wealthy, elaborate pictures and texts and a speed that's troublesome to match, the printer is additionally merely a well-crafted piece of recent machinery.

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